(This single system meets with the display function). In this case specific is interesting to see how conventions used allow me to quickly see the status of the pipeline and the KPIs or key process indicators. Each sphere size indicates its priority, the color represents the probability of closing of each business and its position within the matrix indicates the State of progress of each business opportunity according to the phases of a consultative selling methodology and finally the shade of gray in each box (the bottom) represents so populated it makes each phase with business opportunities. Let’s look at how this type of visualization provides many details just to see the matrix. This kind of concept is very interesting to gain productivity in the management of business opportunities. My productivity can be enhanced if: have a Control Center in which I register all my potential business document advances I have with every business identify which are the priority and to whom I should focus my efforts I know the State of business in development and if it is necessary to devote efforts to fill the pipeline I focalizo in the development of actions that allow me to push businesses toward the right side of the matrix review with my team the resources needed to develop each of the businesses and achievement arrange with them the actions to follow reported way automatic is status of my pipeline to my boss or higher work collaboratively with other people who can help me in the development of each business can identify, according to the current date, as I am going on my goals, if I can achieve the goals in the remainder of time and if I have enough business in the pipeline to achieve the objectives unfortunately many tools of this kind are not in the market (which I show in this article is interesting, but only performs the part of display, must be connected to another system of information that store data for opportunities).Systems type CRM and SFA offer very good opportunities and Pipeline management functionality, but I have not found to have interactive display systems from which is You can manage the pipeline and develop the commercial management at a single Control Centre.