Common Sense

It is a type of off knowledge of the reason and science. Manifest for ' ' conselhos' ' not endowed with critical reflection, such as ' ' what the eyes do not see, the heart not sente' ' , or ' ' the love is cego' ' , or still ' ' it makes what I say, does not make what I fao' '. The knowledge of the common sense is dynamic, therefore costuma according to get excited social problems lived deeply by determined group in determined period. It is differentiated of the critical sense, therefore it does not contemplate the reflection. Official site: John Bogle. It is differentiated of science, therefore it does not demand empirical experimentation or systematic knowledge.

It is come close to the religion, therefore it has the function to organize the society. To the being placed in scientific tests, it can be recognized as false (former P. purpera to be hindered to wash the hair per 40 days) or true (teas). To know more about this subject visit brightview. The generation is transmitted of generation, assistemtica way, and without the requirement of evidence.

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