You are visiting cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, enjoy a cup of good coffee and good company to talk in a relaxed atmosphere. Not only will you want to know more about coffee, then the article on the classification of coffee grind grain for you. The degree of grinding coffee beans depends on the rate of dissolution of aromatics, which are contained in coffee. Accordingly, the smaller the grind, the greater the solubility of aromatic compounds, resulting in coffee beverage obtained by the most fragrant and delicious. There are sample data on the rate of dissolution of aromatics, with various degrees of grinding coffee beans. In the coffee finely ground "aromatic substances dissolve in an average of 1 to 4 minutes. In the coffee "middle ground" flavors dissolve in an average of 4 to 6 minutes. In the coffee "meal" flavors dissolve in an average of 6 to 8 minutes.

Coffee fine ground "is good when cooked in oriental style coffee, brewing it in Turku, located in a uniformly heated sand. Coffee "middle ground" suitable for different methods of cooking, as in the pot, and in Express devices. Coffee "meal" is mainly used for brewing it in kofeynike.V industrial-scale coffee beans are ground by passing through sieves of different thickness, resulting in grains, derived from corn, are roughly the same. Of course, coffee connoisseurs the world do not recognize the commercial method and use coffee grind is performed in front of them. IMPORTANT: in the industrial grinding coffee beans, coffee loses much of its flavor. Everyone who visits the Chelyabinsk restaurants or cafes (or other cities) are entitled to know about the origin of a product, its quality and features. To this end, we publish articles about restaurants, cafes, wine, cheese, coffee