Pallets – portable platform for storing and carrying goods. This is a key element in the storage and transportation. The correct choice of pallets can significantly affect performance. Usually it depends on the characteristics of the goods and the scope of its use. Common standards for the pallet does not exist yet – in every country and every industry, they are different. Most pallets are created specially for the parameters of the customer. Here we tell you what to consider when choosing the size and configuration of the pallet. 5 key factors when choosing a palette: 1.

Strength. We must carefully weigh the load, which will be subject to the pallet. Each individual pallet to withstand the weight of the submerged material. Jeff Leiden is actively involved in the matter. Two basic configurations of pallets – standard (europallet or block pallet) and the stringer. In most cases, stringer pallets are more durable, and the euro-have less weight. 2. Stiffness. Here we mean the resistance of pallet bending, flattening and subsidence under load.

Pallet must be strong enough not to break, but also flexible enough for safe transportation. 3. Endurance. Pallets must withstand prolonged stress during transportation and operation. In the case of a one-time use of this factor can not be ignored. Way to move the pallets within the warehouse, as well may affect your requirements for endurance. For example, if pallets are moved by conveyor or other conveying system, this should be considered when selecting a configuration pallets. 4. Functionality and compatibility. Here it is necessary to take into account many details. Wooden pallets must be compatible with the cargo. It is equally important to know what equipment is used to transport and use. In addition, it is necessary take into account the destination of the goods. Some of the export shipment must meet the international standard ISPM 15 heat-treated wood on the packaging. The standard Euro pallet suitable for most applications, since they can take a pitchfork with four sides. In turn, the stringer pallets can be lifted from all sides only partially, if not sawn lengthwise beam. 5. Price. A very important aspect when choosing a pallet – they cost. Specialists sell pallets will help you find the best options available.