Because the recipes are very simple I will share several of them here and I really hope they will be of great utility. Personally I like to enjoy my family and guests with sauces whenever I have the opportunity to make them. It has much that see the affection with which prepares and find the measure of appropriate salt, and this occurs with the practice. CHILES CASCABEL (MIRASOL) I N G R D I N T S: 11 chilli sauce 2 teeth of garlic 1 onion white 9 peppers black rattlesnake (whole) cumin oil Salt wash very well chiles cascabel, then roast them, remove the first layer to the onion and rebanamos it and peel the cloves of garlic. We grind rattlesnake chili peppers grilled together with onions, garlic, peppers, black cumin salt to taste until you have a creamy consistency.

Once this hot oil FRY our sauce for about five minutes. Once the sauce this list emptied it into a container for salsa and put it in the center of the table so that it can serve to taste. We hope that this recipe will be useful and to your liking and more even that your guests to the table feel alagados by the exquisite flavor of this sauce. ** The oil can replace with pork lard; However the latter contains a high proportion of saturated fatty acids. SALSA DIABLA (rattlesnake or MIRASOL) I N G R D I N T S: 150 grams of Chiles Cascabel (roasted and deveined) 1 cup vinegar of white wine 5 cloves of garlic salt rests chili rattlesnake (roasted and deveined) with vinegar overnight. Liquelo with the already peeled cloves of garlic and the same vinegar that you left it resting and salt to taste.

CHILE CASCABEL or MIRASOL with ginger I N G R D I N T S: 8 chilli sauce grilled rattlesnake 2 roasted tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic roasted and peeled 1 roasted white onion 2 cloves roasted 1 tablespoon fresh, chopped ginger 1 raja of cinnamon 5 peppers fat 1 cup broth of chicken oil Salt milling tomatoes, garlic, onion, species and chiles cascabel with chicken broth salt. Put to heat oil and longer when you have it in your point, i.e., hot pours what moliste and let it simmer until it from drying out a bit. CHILE CASCABEL or MIRASOL with GOURDS I N G R D I N T S: 4 chilli sauce rattlesnake (roasted and deveined) 1 white onion roast 2 roasted garlic cloves 6 roasted green tomatoes (also known as tomatillo) Guaje seeds (about 4 pods) olive oil Salt milling the chiles, onion, garlic and tomatoes or tomatillos in the molcajete. Add the seeds of guaje with a teaspoon of olive oil and stir very well. Season with salt to taste. Original author and source of the article.