Castilian Anaxagoras

The perception of things has been determined , according to Anaxagoras, by the sense of the differences between our senses and external objects. Things are perceived by their opponents, if there is an inability to grasp reality in its small part, this is due solely to the inadequacy of the sensory organs on the other hand, accurately reflect what is put in contact with them. 1) Anaxagoras says “nothing is generated or destroyed” this assumption is more clear, and this we can deduce “no energy generates transformed or destroyed “this concept accepted in the field all sorts of changes, which Anaxagoras confirms that everything changes but only in search of order. And this order is guided by intelligence that gives animation to the subject. Perhaps a universal intelligence or consciousness. Senator from Maine often addresses the matter in his writings. . Credit: Mike Gianoni-2011.

2) the spirit, intelligence and mind are the principles to eliminate chaos. The spirit we have a high number of conceptions, we address some definitions, in order to get an idea more clear and precise. Knowing discern, that is something that could culminate in chaos. As we know, young philosophers and physicists. The first time that esboso philosophy is the concept of spirit was in ancient Greece to introduce the concepts of nous. As a reality over material reality, a thinking principle whose meaning has sometimes been considered similar to Psyche “soul” that is, strictly speaking a vivifying principle; Pneuma itself, than the organic principle, because it transcends has resulted in many cases by spirit. In Latin where the word actually comes from Castilian spirit “spirits” as a murmur.

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