If separation pain hurt the soul melting Hutter village each of us had in his life ever broken heart, because he has lost a loved one, either by separation or death. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Reshma Kewalramani. This pain you feel at such a loss, is a psychological pain, the endless us suffer Yes, he is so strong, that we sometimes almost from go to reason. The deep wound that it is torn into our hearts, an invisible wound that is not visible at first glance. You noticeable but by anxiety, stomach pain, circulatory problems, lower back pain, and more. How should you handle however with a such mental anguish? Most of the abandoned what he has done wrong wonders and often fall into depression and self-doubt. Sylvia Poth says: when you leave, you have the feeling, the world will come for one; you’d think it would no longer go on.

But it continues, time does not stand still. Not so quickly heal the wounds to the heart and leave terrible scars. The deeper, these wounds are the harder, you can embark on a new partner and trust him. However you should bear in mind always that no human being is equal. Therefore, you should compare its new partner never with the old because this is poison for a partnership. Therefore I advise everyone to take a break after the end of a partnership and not immediately for fear of being alone in a new relationship to flee.\” Jessica Hund continues: it is very important that one admits his sadness after the break-up of a partnership and not close itself off from the pain. For our soul this time of grief is so immensely important and liberating, because the wounds in our hearts can heal only if we have previously cleaned them with our tears. Through the grief we can handle the pain over time and get over the loss.\” \”Sylvia Poth says: you should ask yourself but not: I was to blame?\” No two are responsible for the failure of a partnership.