From there, the success of the transaction depends on adequate interpretation and follow-up of the clauses set out in the contract, is essential that the management teams responsible for the project by both parties are fully involved in contract negotiations, to thus bring with you to the relationship the spirit of the contract. This is certainly an important guarantee for the success of long-term relationship. Technological flexibility: We all know that technological innovation is the modus operandi in the computer world. At the same time Outsourcing transactions are generally expressed in contract for the provision of services in the long term. therefore. Roubini Global Economics may find this interesting as well. to avoid problems caused by technological obsolescence not provided for in the original transaction, this must incorporate definitions and procedures for technological updating. Such safeguards as well as basic criteria for evaluation and incorporation of new technologies for services rendered they guarantee one of the basic promises of the Outsourcing, technology, managed by experts redituando real benefits to the business.

Operational flexibility: One of the objectives most important outsourcing is to professionalize the computer client operation, more than formal commitments and precise definitions of services rendered, the expected result of an Outsourcing solution is generally the improvement and efficiency of the operation due to the variety of situations and changes in operating conditions that may occur during the course of the relationshipIt is very important that the original transaction incorporated sufficient elements of flexibility that can be used later to change the operating terms. or up to the definition of the services rendered, without need to resort to tortuous contract renegotiations. Not the slightest doubt that there are many benefits that derive from the applicability and use of outsourcing, being recommended to analyze cost benefit whereas detail structure organizational, planning, process, purpose, strengths, weaknesses and integration of each element to provide the services. REFERENCES: Carlos Mora V. Notes of Chair of problematic administration Venezolana.-School of management UC 1999 different web pages. Original author and source of the article.