The slope of about 20-30 degrees to the right. This is the most common slope of handwriting. Such a person could be described as openly expressing feelings. At the same time it can not be called an impulsive personality. For He still tend ability to control their emotions in stressful situations.

Such a man usually has well-developed need to communicate and loneliness it usually weighs. About 50-60 degrees to the right. Strong inclination to the right evidence of loving nature and strong desire to communicate. Such a person is more likely to seek to put their feelings show, than to suppress them inside. The man with the hand more susceptible to new ideas and initiatives and has a great vitality. At the same time, such people have developed a proprietary sentiment, they are more fond of flattery and admiration of their kind. Slight lean to the left. On such a person with high probability we can say that it is characterized by the predominance of mind control over emotions.

This person is more reserved and try to rationally evaluate their actions. Significant tilt to the left. Such writing often common for left-handers. Here we have more control over their emotions. Sneak characteristic of this man, may be associated with large sensitivity, which can be opened only the closest people. In stressful situations, such person may suddenly explode around a storm of emotional displays. If vertical writing, this means that the individual is characterized by a balance of rationality and emotionality. For such is human nature to analyze the situation and the weighted decisions. If the analysis of handwriting you find a periodic or haphazard changes in the slope of handwriting, this may indicate a low psychological stability of people, a sharp change in his mood. Likely volatility and meticulously to detail. Sometimes the periodic change of slope of handwriting may be indicative of some of the undecided man. Handwriting without tilting the letters indicates that humans are the principal considerations that are fundamentally different from the views of others. The slope of the characters says to the executive the right, left – of negativism, inclination to resist. Svetlana Kostromina, recruitment agency Kazan Business and Career Pony text article is available here