What to do in difficult professional situations and conflicts? Morlenbach (mm) convince yourself and others. They’re back: permanent positions directly from companies. However, it is difficult to find a good job. Demanding change or job-seekers should carefully consider which sources and alternatives make sense they can use, what training worthwhile and what funding opportunities there are. In professional situations, it is worth to look closely at an early stage and to consider which way can be useful.

Coaching in advance when conflicts or bullying individual counselling or group seminar? “Both has its advantages: in groups, people exchange and mutually benefit from their experiences, individual coaching, however, allows the individual accompanying”, says Marion Mirswa, free consultant, coach and trainer. Ultimately it depends on the person and their knowledge of the labour market. She would like information and a look from the outside on the documents, rather a group appointment is reasonable. Should “finding new ways, there are contaminated sites”, which the professional career difficult, negative experiences, someone feels uncomfortable or wants to change something to a person in the current work environment, then a single conversation may be useful. Also a coaching could in advance, for example, in conflict or harassment situations or when a feeling of congestion support, avoid a personal strategy to develop or short circuit acts.

Paths and strategies can be very different from the labour market is dynamic and flexible conditions. There is not the right way but ways to increase the own chances. It comes to itself well to be able to assess yourself, to find out what you can and want to, and to be able to explain this third parties both in the written documents as well as in competitions and interviews or company changing the persons responsible to. Desire, possibilities and demeanor must match this.