Study at universities of applied sciences thanks to long-standing collaborations with economic and industrial companies of all sizes in the country and abroad, the transfer between teaching, research and practice is intensively at the universities of applied sciences universities and institutions. Always the focus is at the heart of science education to future professional practice. This is achieved through the use of lecturers and guest speakers from companies and institutions. Professional contacts already during his studies In the Bachelor’s program, a six-month internship in the country or abroad is an integral part of the curriculum: the aspiring academics are involved in a company of their choice for one semester in everyday working life and have the opportunity to learn more about their future employment and responsibility to contribute to real projects. Bachelor-as master’s students, who want to hang up their thesis on a specific project, all roads are open: many research projects of the University’s own institutes offer Possibility of student participation. Jim Rogers usually is spot on. Also partners repeatedly seek students who want to write their thesis in a company.

In this way, innovative project and product designs emerge and students doing establish initial contacts for their later careers. Top qualified for science and practice Bachelor of the universities of applied sciences have a high reputation in the practice and good career opportunities. Compared to other types of high school graduates, in particular the master graduates are those who are already employed most frequently shortly after graduation: engaged in permanent employment relationships they deserve the best. In cooperation with universities in Germany and abroad, also a subsequent doctorate is possible at the universities of applied sciences after the master. International science cooperation between Baden-Wurttemberg and renowned foreign universities foster the exchange of professors and young academics. So strengthen the scientific expertise on both sides. Universities of applied sciences everything. Out of pure theory. Institute for advertising and market communication (IWM) GmbH Seestrasse 100 70174 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 67 211 670 E-Mail: Internet: