What a machine needs a girl? Than it is guided in his choice of future car? The question, the author of this article decided to hold a "study" the problem. After conducting various tests and friends and acquaintances to me women and girls who owns a vehicle or at least having the opportunity to acquire such (which is very important!), were obtained some interesting results. Unlike men, girls are interested in the first place by such indicators are listed in men are not in the top positions. So, choosing the next car for the girl, despite the widespread opinion that the fair sex is primarily interested in the color of future car (a common misconception of the category of "blonde loves red cars"), women ask people's opinion, which in this understand! In the priority in most cases are close to people (even if they do not know how to change a car wheel, and that such a spark plug): Dad, husband, loved one, brother, etc. If this is their own vehicle, then the credibility of the opinion increases by 3-4 times. Moreover, if even in advance of the fair sex had an idea of the car that she wants (up to a particular brand), it is quite easy may change his mind if her lover will tell you that, for example, cars of this brand is better not to take. Further, the opinion of a specialist familiar (if available) or the vehicle owner, who presumably want to buy.

80% of women will never gain the car, if a friend tells her husband, with colorful details about all the problems he faced as the owner of this car brand. Thus, slightly narrowed range of searches on (well, of course) of the fair sex (that's why they and the fair sex) draw attention to the look of the car. In this case, attention is drawn not only by color, and overall impression. There are a lot of weight have an opinion from the category of "What is something she is not so," "Do not like it," "Too much like a tank", etc. Then, depending on the financial capacity of course is considered the cost of future cars. And, Finally, such factors (in descending order) as the consumption of gasoline of the future "iron horse", engine size, the presence of an automatic transmission, seat height, and reliability. So, summing up our "Exploration", which does not claim to be the expert, the author of this paper tried to apply this technique to yourself. Following the recommendations of all of the above, my modest chose the Peugeot 107: small, nice and cozy car you advise, which respond positively and that suits cost.