Such as Russian or the Canadian Arctic, Siberia, Far East and parts of the desert. Especially that found design solutions not only allow the airship hovering over land, but also independently without the help of service groups, sit on it. Among the industries for which transport airships may be particularly great interest are called oil and gas sector (Delivery of drilling equipment to and from work and its installation (blimp-tap), participation in construction of drilling rigs offshore. Delivery pipes and compressor equipment for pipeline construction), energy (Transportation and installation of transmission towers, transmission parts of turbines and generators, a high degree of prefabrication in construction and renovation of hydro power), forestry (forest felling transportation to the places processing), construction (large carriage w / concrete structures, especially in the management of construction in remote areas, transportation of building farms, farms, and willing to bridge spans, the transport of pre-engineered buildings (Apartments, sections) for the assembly in place on the basis of cubes). Large cargo is easy to see most of the suggestions apply to the transport of oversized and heavy cargo (CTG), especially in areas of limited transport accessibility. The need for transportation CTG attributable to a significant economic effect of increased delivery of structures to the degree of prefabrication and industrial energy facilities. Enlargement places the goods, you can create a particular production facility for "modular" principle. Taking into account the cost of transportation, even other modes of transport, not airships, the savings in this approach can reach 20-25% of the transported equipment which is formed at its assembly at the construction site.