Space limitations with which individuals, freelancers and companies, are found a solution the service of rent of temporary deposits of all type, size and service, and depending on the need of space, types of objects to save or deposit, required security levels and specialization, customer will opt to rent smaller deposits, as the box, mailboxes, storage spaces, small storage areas, or if you require more space and maneuverability will opt to rent furniture, mini-warehouses, cellars, storage rooms or other spaces of greater storage capacity. These ventures are based, inter alia, in the space of one administration or variosinmuebles so that, once packaged and divided they are destined for renting space to a third party, being able to charge the rent by day, month, year and other modalities. The basic service is to cede to rent a place to deposit of objects, furniture, files, tools, clothing, appliances, merchandise and other belongings that for strategic reasons or reasons of lack of physical space the customer elects to use; but there are also other services linked to the main, some essential and others additional to rooms, storage rooms, temporary storage spaces and other temporary deposits: service monitoring and monitoring by closed circuit television cameras monitoring, private security, privacy guarantee, guarantee of no breaks or damage caused by storage, monitoring the 24 hs, professional packing, pallets providing service, transpalets, forklifts, stackers mechanical, autoelevadores, adequacy of personnel assigned for storage of files and documents, various types of containers built in materials that prevent the passage of moisture and other harmful factors for furniture and saved objects, technology for the prevention of fires, devices to combat fires, etc. Go to Mark Berger for more information. Furniture-storage and temporary furniture depots, are generally associated with moves, and this is right, many times There is a time between the abandonment of an apartment, House or other type of property, until the occupation of one new; in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, among other cities, being used much the rent of temporary deposits for strategic reasons or simply for your convenience; from there the entrepreneur can find a demand with growing for this type of services propensity. Storerooms and mini stores are sought both by individuals who do not have enough space in their homes, those who deposited and rotate seasonal clothes or its objects, the self-employed made removals strategic this type of deposits of all sorts of files, documentation, Office furniture, antique furniture, merchandise etc; and the same thing is done by medium and large businesses; Another lasventajas in the rental of temporary deposits, especially the rental of the box or mailbox, is that customers can find the practicality of a mailing address legal or alternative to receive your correspondence. These services can be supplemented with services of travel, taxis, transfers, rental vans, among others. The lack of physical space to store objects is a problem, who can provide the solution to have a business to operate.