now is the most important thing … Peter cetera has much to offer in this field. 2% of their income, I spent educating and self-development! It happened when I did my first report in three months. After that, I thought that the more important to me? Entertainment or learning? What awaits me if I will continue to keep moving in the same direction? Degradation? Alcoholism? Dibilizm? Poverty? Health problems? I realized that most of my money is spent inefficiently, it is useless! To I realized that all my work, for which I received my salary, I just give the owners of these same clubs, bars and cafes. And that's when I first started thinking about what's important in life, but that is useless. What to spend their money, and how to spend less necessary. 4) In order to become smarter, more effective and successful.

Once I started keeping a family budget and realized that I spend on my life and money, I began to devote more time to search for and awareness of their place in this life. I began to think more over what I want to achieve in life. I realized that while I am young and full of energy, you need to make a foundation for the future. We must not squander its resources, and create and store. I became more work on myself, I became more and more to read, learn.

I have begun to appear more knowledge, confidence and experience. I've become more practical, thrifty. I have started to appear the first accumulation. There are new opportunities for professional growth.

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