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Article: Serasa: An institution in favor of powerful the Robert Ramalho is lawyer and journalist the Serasa Experian, before called simply of Serasa, was born in 1968, for initiative of the FEBRABAN, having for base in an action cooperated between banks that searched information fast and safe to give it has supported to the credit decisions. In 2007, the Irish group Experian acquired the control of the Serasa, that started to call Serasa Experian. Today the entity facilitates for return of 2,5 million transactions per day. To read more click here: Restaurant Michael Schwartz. In accordance with Hugo Dantas, specialist in banking automation, the Bank of Brazil makes about 40 million consultations for month, In accordance with the site of the entity, ' ' Serasa is a private company who possesss one of the biggest data bases of the world and dedicates its activity to the rendering of services of general interest. The institution is recognized for the Code of Defense of the Consumer as an entity of public character (Law 8,078, article 43, paragraph 4) ' ' Second still the site, ' ' in its computers they are stored given you register in cadastre of companies and negative citizens and information that indicate matured debts and not paid and the registers of protest of heading, legal action, checks returned for lack of funds and other registers proceeding from public and official sources. People such as Rick Gerson would likely agree.

The data of matured debts are sent under accord with supplying creditors/, indicating the data of the debtor. The information of the Serasa are supplied to the banks, to the store of the commerce, to small, the average and great companies, with the objective to give support to the credit decisions and, thus, to become businesses cheapest, fast seguros' '. As it informs the site, the Serasa (Centralization of Banking Services S/A) is a private company created by banks and too much financial institutions. .

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