Bolivarian Government

Just imagine that the Government will do everything possible so that the opposition can choose their candidate in the worst circumstances: the use of the logistics of the CNE will make them difficult, making that choice in the worst date and circumstance, do not give them the electoral timetable, not facilitate them things so that the opposition candidate has a poor endorsement of that 52% that we get in the last elections. Imagine only to vote for that candidate 10 or 15% of the voters in view of all these difficulties. Already that only will give you a lead into the wing to our candidate from the start. After that, imagine the campaign to discredit of the Government then. There is no way to explain the obvious. The obvious sometimes is not evident.

But also the obvious is not convenient. We should analyze isn’t those convenient. I can say responsibly, in this case, that the obvious is not suitable to those who have negotiated and administered oil revenues and want to do it again. Not it is convenient to those who, doing business with the Bolivarian Government, are negotiating to stay and continue to do business with their possible substitutes, once Chavez goes. It is hard to say it but it is so. But that has always been so.

What has been different it then? That I had before statesmen and politicians not negotiators. And I think that there are characters of the current policy that have lots of wood of statesmen but are afraid to take that momentous step because it would take over a host of interests and why fear staying without supports economic or political, i.e. in the street. And why they act thinking on political calculations, not the people who believe in them. I tell them that they are wrong, that is not so. I think the greatest capital of a politician is people who supported it, but the people of truth.

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