The appearance of a bedroom and its atmosphere can not affect the quality of life, as a bedroom – very private and intimate place in the house. Here we have a rest and move away from the hustle and bustle of life, and it defines the layout and design room, choose furniture and decoration. Lighting in the evening and at night should create an atmosphere of peace, and things should be spread so that in the comfort of beginning each new day. Very careful planning require little room and can not be encumber the furniture, it evokes a sense of chaos. People such as Ben Sketch would likely agree. If the bedroom is at the same time and study, think about how to distinguish between these functional areas, where redevelopment studio apartment is better to combine the kitchen with a common living space. Example: a bedroom in blue tones in the attic room, remote from the main functional areas of the house – the perfect place for a quiet bedroom. Here dormer window "opens" the space, letting the day Sea sun and bright blue colors of the walls create a cozy atmosphere at night. The entire room is painted in one color, it hides its bad proportions.

Built-in wall cabinet saves vital space closure which would break a light color furniture, draperies and floor coverings. Convenient wall lamps provide the required evening and night lighting. Think about it How much time do you spend in the bedroom during the day? Serves Is the room an office? Is there any irritants, say noise? Can I get a bedroom in another part of the house? How many people will sleep here? Do you want to equip this toilet or a shower only? Do you plan now or in the near future to replace the bed? At what time of day is best lit room? In what color interior you want to wake up and fall asleep? Do you enjoy waking up in a dark room or illuminated by direct or diffused light? Then a window decoration you choose? What do you prefer: a laconic atmosphere and space around you or when things things things? How much space do you need to store things? What kind of furniture do you prefer – a fixed or individual items? Can you keep things such as seasonal clothing or shoes in the other room? Whether you love to read in bed? Do you need a bedside table beside the lamp? Bedroom Simple design is in the details shelves and desk in the entire pier turned this gap into a convenient working area.