Each time, going shopping, we already know about that and how much we buy. Everything in this world has its price, but still change it to our advantage possible. There is a little creative ways to save 'on ice' or 'travel', as well as get a greater discount. And I try to describe them to you. The most important thing – to find the right words, and more specifically, to ask the right questions: 1. 'You do not know, this product will soon be off? " Seller to make sure that you really want to buy a product, not just straight. In this case, it may just offer you a discount or at least give more information about upcoming promotions and sales.

2. If you are not convinced, visit Senator from Maine. 'Can I get a discount for bulk purchase? " You always have to be bold! After all, if he did not asked for, never get a discount when buying refrigerators even 5 at once. Therefore, buying a few things at one store, be sure to hint at a volume discount. 3. 'I saw the exact same thing in a nearby shop around the corner.

It cost half the price. Maybe go back there? " It's a risky case, but the good cards could end up very much well. If the seller has no interest to sell this thing or just not in the mood, he simply refused. But if such a place would be really, and the seller will know about it, then you have all chances to become happy the owner of this stuff even for a very low price. They say the risk – a noble cause! 4. 'How about this stuff for free? " If you do not give a discount, you can bargain for a small application to purchase. Due to this, you will be able to not compensate for a very low price. For example: mobile phone pouch, eyeglass case. 5. 'Can you give me a discount on this coupon? " Sometimes it can work even when the validity of the coupon has already passed or it is calculated on the purchase of another product. No harm in trying, as they say! You still have nothing to lose, you're just interested in the cultural of the rebate. And maybe you and give her! After losing the client does not want anyone. 6. 'I'll get discount if you pay cash? " If the receiving of cash is much more profitable for the seller than the clearing, then sometimes there is even an offer. So, I think you have seen that a discount can be in almost any case. The main thing – to have a little courage and a couple of questions in my pocket for the correct approach to the seller. Of course, in some cases not hurt to apply its own charm and charisma. After receiving a discount multiple locations, you can easily buy one more thing. So do not miss your chance and enjoy your life with new acquisitions. And I sincerely hope that my tips will help you with that!