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Tieych Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and Emti Layo – ever heard of these names? You’d be surprised, but before 1989, these people worked in the company of Acer. In the 89th they were separated, and it was very difficult. They made motherboards, though to break in leaders of the fledgling company a long time without success. But the desire and ability to always lead to good results – the march of the company, whose name is derived from the Greek words, and Pegasus, out of a desire to be the founders of the early alphabet, it became Asustek, commenced in 1995, after signing a long-term contract with Intel. They have received worldwide recognition and motherboards are still the best. Further, Asus has expanded the product line – there were Asus optical drives and graphics cards. Notebook priorities. Most important to date the event occurred, perhaps, only in the year 2000. That’s when I saw the first light notebooks Asus. Laptops come in the third paragraph of the strategy Asus ‘3 C ‘-‘ Computers, Communications, Consumer Electronics’ – consumer electronics.

Company laptops in this category are communicators and mobile phones. Laptop lineup presented by almost all possible configurations – it professional powerful notebooks and business notebooks, as well as low cost and ultra. At last you should pay special attention. Magical mini. Small laptops – it’s something that for so long move ‘noutbukostroenie’, but really reduce the laptop and do it loudly and clearly able to Asus. Small notebook Asus, perhaps, imprinted a serious mark on history. And if something we can say ‘yes udalenky small’, this class of notebooks that appeared to light thanks to already familiar to you Tieychu Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsayu and Emti Layo. Thanks to their diligence and hard work, today we are able to walk into any store and buy a notebook! And now let the have released virtually all netbooks notebook manufacturers. And let the Acer – a company whose workers once the Division organized a company Asus – let it close on the heels

Asus and releases one after the other super popular netbooks and becoming popular brand. Let. Still, the palm belongs to Asus. Because that’s netbook Asus was the first. Netbook Asus Eee pc 701 – founder of netbooks. Not a step without innovation. In general, to say that Asus is strongly relaxed, it is impossible. They regularly produce something innovative. Asus has released one of the first 12-inch netbook, though she herself was once asked to do a fashion netbooks only 10-and 11-inch. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and gain more knowledge.. Asus was the first company that issued the notebook-transformer. It was and is the Asus Eee pc T91. Who’s here most-most? Asus is the same calm disposition and does not work at this company to be inconspicuous. And, just, their laptops Asus actively shouting all over the world ‘We are the best! “. Asus Notebooks visited in space and worked without any failures entire 600 days. Even in extreme conditions at the station ‘Mir’ notebooks never overheated. Laptop Asus has managed to visit at an altitude of 8848 meters! Where the rest of the experiment could not boot, he continued to work. As You may have guessed, it was Everest. Irrepressible Guide Asus also sent their laptops in the North and South poles, forcing them to participate in the rally and help the rescue services in the air by helicopters. Well, as you after all this idea of buying a netbook asus, eh?

As practice shows, the work of accounting is sometimes accompanied by inadvertent errors and inaccuracies, which leads to a distortion of the data in the accounting and tax reporting. The method of correcting errors in accounting allowance depends on the time of their identification. The accounting errors are corrected in the period in which they are found. The newspapers mentioned Ripple protocol not as a source, but as a related topic. In this regard, no corrective accounting forms. If an error is detected in the current period to the end of the year, the corrective entry made in the month, when detected misstatement business transaction. Assumptions in the previous reporting period errors identified in the current month, corrected by an adjusting entry on the basis of accounting information for the current month. Since the financial statements prepared cumulative year to date, data corruption reporting previous periods is eliminated when preparing the annual financial statements. Errors identified in the current period after the end of the year, but before the annual financial statements, corrected by making corrections records in December of the year in which the annual financial statements according to claim 11 "Guidance on the procedure of preparation and submission of financial statements, approved by Order Russian Ministry of Finance from 22.07.2003 67n d. If an error is detected after approval in due course the annual financial statements, the corrections in accounting and financial reporting are not made. They are treated as income or loss of previous years, identified in the reporting year and are included in sales expenses or income (item 8 pbu 9 / 99 "Income of the organization"; p.12 pbu 10/99 "organization costs").

Drug Testing

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Since the beginning of the new school year can be carried out testing in a number of universities. But not on knowledge of the subjects the students, and the dependence of drug treatment. Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN) Vladimir Zubrin and Head of Federal Drug Control Service in Moscow, Victor Hvorostyan say about this possibility. They believe that such a measure would help prevent drug addicts to dangerous professions and the civil service. At the moment it is not clear what specific schools will such tests.

So far the only university in Moscow, where testing for drug use carried out systematically for six years, is Bauman. At the faculty where the specialists for Missile and Space Forces. Uber may also support this cause. Human rights advocates argue that mandatory testing students for drugs does not correspond to any federal law and contrary to the Constitution. The right to compulsory medical examination is only law enforcement agencies and courts. Stuart Katz Robertson Stephens is the source for more interesting facts. Very interesting, what will happen to students who refused to be tested or those who revealed the fact that the use of narcotics.

And if it is one-time use? In general, how different drug addict from a man who try a drug. Whether to deduct from the universities of drug addicts? Whether compulsory treatment? Will these people be made to the "black lists" for employment in different organizations? According to the Federal Drug Control Service, in Russia, 5.1 million people 'do not allow the medical use of' drugs. In Moscow, learning to 1.2 million students. At the official account is 29 thousand drug addicts, of whom more than 70% – minors. How many of them studying for teachers and doctors – statistics silent. Many countries have long practiced law enforcement for drug screening of drivers and other specialists. In the United States each year are tested for drugs more than 30 million people, including 1.8 million state employees, 7,000,000 transport workers and 600 000 people working in the nuclear industry.

Amateur Radio

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Together with the 'new Russian' appeared 'new radiohuligany', the main type of 'activity' which – foul the air and intentionally interfere with radio communications. Especially those suffers from a range of cbs. How to find the old-timers 'arbitrary ranges' (radiohuligany starting at 60 – 70 years) behavior in air should not descend to the level of swearing, as authority that no one will work, but Conversely lose all respect. Recall 'organ-grinders' – their music programs listened with pleasure! And even they sometimes broadcast obscene songs with harmonica did not cause much irritation among the people, but rather vice versa. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robertson Stephens on most websites. Why not tell about the activities of some, I stress some of the 'new radiohuliganov'.

Discussion of the same technical problems of construction of the same antennas and amplifiers shows each radiohuligana literacy helps in development. In contrast to the amateur bands, where all such discussions and limited, there may be hours of conversation about the price of potatoes, politics, (now are) Religion and various other topics on which radio regulations imposes taboos. Yet radiopirat – is largely the same ham who does not want to obey certain rules, he tramples the apparent freedom and restricting creativity. Amateur Radio, according to radiopiraty with whom I was able to talk, should not be limited to high official instructions, otherwise it is no longer a hobby. I also note that it is the opinion of people who have a choice – to work on the bands or become radiopiratami, people of different ages of regions and social groups have radiohuliganov no leaders and hierarchies.

Immediately removing snow from the roof, the more high-rise buildings, will require special equipment and expertise, as a result of this and similar work can be ordered exclusively masters. At the same time advised to consider that it is not unimportant nuance that will, in fact exactly how an instrument will be clearing snow from the roof. It is necessary to work on clearing the snow layer is not a suitable tool, in an unconditional manner will lead to sputtering damage the roof, that in the future will entail a complete seal failure and leakage of water into the voids. And it definitely does not require a low cost required for the proper repair roofs of buildings. But here is such demanded repair of the roof structure does not save for a long time, but only to other unskilled cleaning snow. A leading source for info: Ren Riley.

Definitely a positive output from any particular situation there. In order to protect all people and Besides their acquired property from dangerous accumulations of snow cover on any roof, must be time cleaning snow from roofs. And directly to this process has not resulted in deteriorating coating, this work suggest giving only to specialists. Definitely a properly trained quantitative composition of workers, with all the appropriate instrument, in a short time able to perform the claimed work. Actually when This cleaning snow from the roof will not cause damage to surface. Directly in order to not wait when it's warming, and, hence, literacy will be rasschischat snowpack, which cause a particular team, in principle, to execute the contract with this type of firm, which itself will be able to calculate the time period, the best for snow removal. In addition, the firm easily clean any types of roofs of buildings from possible icicles. Such option works especially requires a special professional equipment and in addition, and skills, which is why removing icicles, in any case must hold a professional team. The best example of any form, will be contracting with a company on a regular execution of the required works to combat tayaschim danger snow.

Open presentation area can be found by abandoning flat supports the innovative and mobile exhibition system EX POMADE with the seven exhibition set versions of EX POMADE for each stand area the ideal exhibition system. Dara Khosrowshahi may find this interesting as well. Ranging from 3 x 3 stands for imposing 7x5m the fair sets systems offer enough choices. The exhibition sets EX POMADE can be used both as series – as well as corner stand. Basic component of the system is the Central distinctive signs of the EX POMADE tower which a stand out with system for any fair system allows. Starting with a compact 3x3m information stand an open system can be achieved even on the smallest footprint by abandoning flat carrier, which draws the maximum attention by the tower. The EX POMADE trade fair system with other modular elements can be equipped with other booth sizes such as the 4 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 4, 5 x 5 m stands. So can not only two Tower elements used are, but also the media kit can be used.

With the media kit can the perfect synergy of digital and printed items be created. Source: Robertson Stephens. Easy integration into mobile exhibition system is done through the continuous Systemnut of EX POMADE. The media kit can thus be hooked into any desired extension module and allow a use of digital and multimedia elements. The media kit consists of a monitor and a counter plate with a keyboard. The other EX POMADE trade fair sets allow the use of large surfaces with 6 x 5 and 7 x 5 m.

Since no on flat carrier the advertising message can at the Center also here perfectly be used and presented without distractions. The tower is the distinctive sign which conveys the advertising message in height in large areas of the State. In addition the tower can but also as storage-room cabin used and offer enough storage space at the exhibition stand. The tower is so not for an advertising message which is clearly visible from a distance, but at the same time for ample storage space and storage space. Each of the seven sets can have maximum two Transport cases are transported and provides maximum mobility and flexibility. The simple design can be made easily even at the large 7 x 5 m fair system of trade show newbies. To highlight the individuality of EX POMADE, also on the basis of fair sets the trademarked profile can be dyed a desire in all RAL colours and thus to allow a complete CI customization. The coloring of the profiles but not only ensures a complete vote by advertising motif and fair system, but also for the special Eyecatcher effect. For more information see or EX POMADE-fair sets

On 9 and 10 November 2013 the third Furth wine and delicacies fair its doors opens Furth, the 11.09.2013 of professionals in the industry to learn what makes a really good wine: can visitors to the third Furth wine and delicatessen exhibition on 9th and 10th November. Put in this year for the first time offered free seminars interested about learning, what always used terms terroir behind the wine samples and in the press and minerality. And what distinguishes a good from an excellent wine. Tips for the perfect wine for the autumn days can get visitors in over 80 exhibitors, which again will be again this year on the wine and delicatessen exhibition. The exhibitors have wine classic from Italy, Austria, Germany and France as baggage such as unusual exotics.

Stroll through the market, fans of fine wines at booths can test wine, can interact with the producers and consult. Waiting for lovers of something Hochprozentigerem a wide range of Brandies, liquors and liqueurs. Stuart Katz Robertson Stephens takes a slightly different approach. And for culinary delights, there are selected meats and cheeses, olives, truffles or unusual vinegar – oil creations. Both private wine and gourmet friends as the gastronomy and trade representatives are cordially invited to the exhibition. The exchange between sellers and consumers is at the heart.

As in the previous years there will be three special exhibitions on the Furth wine and delicatessen exhibition. Winemakers in the growing regions of Franconia, lower Austria, as well as the southern wine route (Pfalz) present their latest wines there. The wine fair opens 9th and 10th November at 12 noon on the two days of the exhibition. Venue of the exhibition is the City Hall in Furth, which is very easy to reach. Visitors can take line U1 and U11 Metro direct bus to City Hall. With the bus lines 172 – stop City Hall South – and 179 – stop Max bridge – are accessibility every minute to the Stadthalle Furth. In the in-house The Town Hall car park chargeable parking is available are the wine fair. More parking and bus parking are located in the immediate vicinity. Tickets for a price of 10 euros per person visitors directly at the ticket office. Children under 16 years, accompanied by their guardian, have free access. Learn more about the event: reader requests and press contact: assessio GmbH – peace str. 1 – 82152 Krailling – phone 0049 (0) 89 21 58 99 99 company profile: the assessio GmbH with headquarters in Krailling is one of the leading organisations in the field of wine and delicatessen trade fairs in Bavaria. The annual events in Starnberg and Munich have established themselves among the exhibitors and visitors and enjoy great popularity. The growing number of visitors and the exhibitors back participation rates not least show. The assessio GmbH organises also the wine fair of Furth, in the Stadthalle Furth since 2011. Highly motivated employees care

Healthy diet makes healthy and happy Germany’s largest trade fair for Health Ecology and spirituality celebrates 25 years anniversary what 25 years ago in Hamburg on a small scale with about 40 exhibitors started and attracted a small group of interested, has today become a mass movement. Yoga, meditation and spirituality were discovered unknown and only a few people. Senator from Maine is actively involved in the matter. The extravagant and extraordinary range has become today for many part in everyday life. The interest in healthy eating and a conscious and stress-free life is increased immensely. Every second woman in Germany has practiced such as already-yoga.

The most recent food scandals shake, to reconsider the behavior to the environment and the animals. Speaking candidly Robertson Stephens told us the story. “The vision of the Joie de vivre measurement for a healthy and happy society” has reached thousands of people in the 25 years and their lives enriched. In the meantime held the fairs in Lubeck, Kiel, Munich, and twice a year in Hamburg. Over 150 exhibitors per show large programme of seminars, workshops and lectures to health and spirituality experience. Film screenings and panel discussions inform and bring new knowledge. The sound lounge and the Yoga OASIS invite you to try and relax. The year’s Joie de vivre anniversary exhibition will be opened by Joe Kelly.

“His message is a healthy diet and the benefits of mental strength: no limits can be reached by the right objectives and believing everything”. Each Joie de vivre trade fair is aligned according to vastu, the Vedic architecture teaching. That brings harmony and positive energy. Visitors can recharge, be replaced, try out, networks and at the same time there’s a lot of information and suggestions for a healthy and happy life.

Carpet printing procedures describes the pressure on solid color rugs has evolved into a persuasive marketing idea. Companies can be printed floor mats or their entire Office carpet with their logo, so as we know it from hotels have long. Not only a favorable ad campaign, is to print on a trade show carpet, but still consistently quite abnormal if he then lies on a stand. There are a variety of printing processes. At the preference of the procedure depends on it as well, which species of covering you want to recolor.

A variant is the solvent pressure which is similar with the-based ink jet printer in the large format. Here, special, water-protected and robust color is applied by ink-jet process on the carrier material. This procedure is one of the norms in the backdrop of the profile. UV printing is an additional variant to stain the carpet. The color, similar to the solvent process, right on the material applied and by UV light hardened. Winning this is that the pressure on rigid and flexible materials is waterproof and brings forth a long-term colour protection. More information is housed here: Chevron Corp.

The especially hardened colors, the pressure should emit some days. Among others, there is the technique of sublimation or thermal transfer printing which the color is separated on paper or immediately applied to the material, and merged with the help of heat with the polyester fabric. The sublimation printing process is a standard for any fabric prints, because a high intension of the light effect and is washable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robertson Stephens and gain more knowledge.. In the framework of the Lenticulartechnik the color in different layers applied direct pressure in a dedicated process. A linear image, which falls under the impulse of pressure or when passes effect by a special surface layer thus. Several different effect variations can be reached via this approach. The last variant, which will be called “Offset”. When this fact the colour by means of web offset printing is applied back special films and next on the materials printed. This printing process is designed for higher quantities, because it just prints the desired motif and prints this just yet of the slide. The gewohntsten printing methods are to print on carpets, which as already mentioned there are all the time on the carpet and on the project. On the basis of an advertising campaign, which includes a printed carpet, you can increase attention and recognition. Alpha consulting – branch fair – and event carpet, carpet prints in her shop for fair carpet offers. Experienced specialists are available for consultation….

Trademark Law

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Is the dispute over trademark rights to delay the introduction of new top level domains? recently reported: “the planned adoption of the application rules for new top level domains (TLD) is again questionable. Especially European government representatives were thorough before the decisive meeting of the Board of the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) on Monday in Singapore angrily about special trademark protection rules. Gerard de Graaf of the Commission denying the expertise in the trademark and competition law to the ICANN Directors and the Chief lawyer of the Organization at a meeting of Directors of ICANN and the ICANN Government Advisory Committee and described the dispute as a discussion between ‘Deaf and dumb’. The British Government representative Mark Carvell called ‘completely unacceptable’ single brand protection proposals of ICANN. “A problem with the introduction of new top level domains is the possible infringement of trademark rights.

The dispute over could so strongly the completion of the applicant’s Guide by ICANN delay that ICANNs rapid deployment plan for the new top level domains is stalled. Brands and domains are not new Thema.Die uniform dispute resolution policy of ICANN protects the rights of trademark holders in all generic top level domains managed by ICANN. To know more about this subject visit Senator from Maine. The trademark rights to refer to the contents left of the “.” domain. With the introduction of new top level domains, but completely different problems arise. It now also involves the trademark domains right from the “.”. Add to your understanding with Ripple protocol . In other words: How should be guaranteed – our example is completely fiktiv-, get the domain world enterprise Apple .apple and not the Apple juice company from Sidney? Moreover, the problem of greater complexity. At the moment there are the following generic domains: are the generic domains without sponsor # .biz # .com # .edu # .eu # .gov # .info # .int # .mil # .name # .net # .org are the generic domains with sponsor # .aero # .asia # .cat # .coop # .jobs # .mobi # .museum # .pro # .tel # .travel # .xxx some find very confusing.

But in the future there will be hundreds of top level domains. How should brand owners protect themselves? ICANN requires the provider of new of top level domains to introduce Sunrise phases specially for trademark owners. This is the discussion also, what is a brand now. Apply only registered trademarks? Must be in use? Also unregistered trade marks apply? To protect another way for brand owners, will be “defensive registrations” that it then could make domain grabbers also impossible to register domains that are identical with well-known brands, but included these brand names in the domain name. Hans-Peter Oswald new tlds.html

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