The walls of the house necessarily need a year in outdoor decoration. Inside the room everything can be left unchanged, no processing, and no processing. There are certain disadvantages of building cottages from a tree: first, it is limited architectural features compared to the use of stone. If we are talking about the construction of houses bricks, then in this situation we have a wide field of possibilities of the architectural plan. In such a situation is where your imagination roam as opportunities allow you to make the arches of windows in the shape of ovals, ornate patterns on the walls, gabled tower, the building has a rounded shape, and much more. Moreover, the construction of houses made of bricks you have hundreds of variations of external and interior walls. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out heirloom tomatoes. Oblitsevat building from the outside can be tiles from synthetic or natural materials, facing brick, different in texture and color of the grout, patterns of stone and stained glass, moldings and.

etc. After completion of the brick home, neither you nor your children will not have to return to this issue before the end of his days. By the right brick house is the most durable, and brick is fire-resistant material. But at the same time, compared to a house of wood, building a house of bricks will cost you significantly more expensive. Brick houses are high thermal conductivity, which leads to the fact that they quickly cool down and for heating, they need a lot more heat, and themselves walls must be thick enough. This all requires a permanent residence in the house and its heating system. Brick is not breathable, as the tree, so if for a long time the house will be heated and ventilated, then inside it will resemble a cold, damp basement. The combination of wood and brick in the construction of houses is the best option. After all, he will combine the warmth and ecological wooden houses with longevity and fire brick cottages.