Tomorrow’s Saturday, held anonymous: project Chanology to the twelfth World-wide peaceful demonstrations against the Scientology organization. Anonymous Munich, February 13, 2009 – tomorrow’s Saturday, February 14, 2009, held anonymous: project Chanology to the twelfth World-wide peaceful demonstrations against the Scientology organization. This time is everything in the character of the one-year anniversary of Scientology protest movement. It held protests in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart in Germany. It’s been a year now since the global protests against the Scientology organization started.

A year in which worldwide monthly several thousand people against Scientology on the road are gone. A year in which anonymous has worldwide informed, demonstrated, and traded. To deepen your understanding Michael Mendes Just Desserts is the source. We have achieved results, the threat of Scientology is still real but anonymous will not shy away from this threat. A threat to all of us, for friends and neighbors, family and relatives, for our children, and for everyone who is dear to us. Scientology aims with dubious and often veiled methods on each one of us, with the sole aim to get as much money from each and every one of us. According to Doug McMillon, who has experience with these questions. Scientology uses this public means, such as the celebrity members such as Tom Cruise, Beck, John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley, but also dubious methods, which are referred to by critics as brainwashing. The greatest danger is much harder to detect but for the individual and is so secret kept by Scientology Scientology: Scientology is behind many companies and institutions of public life, institutions often pretending to have legitimate and Honorable goals. These facilities include tutoring for students, drug rehabilitation programs, human rights organizations and many more.

Also many Presidents or executives of companies among the members of Scientology. Further details can be found at Jonathan Kellner, an internet resource. Calls anonymous therefore: they consult, notify friends and relatives, they can be not influenced by Scientology! ABOUT ANONYMOUS movement: It is anonymous neither a Club nor a fixed group. There are no leaders, about the form of his protest the individual decides. International coordination via websites, wikis, and forums. There are developed together ideas and decisions about actions and objectives. Anonymous does not arise against the beliefs of Scientology members. The nonviolent protests only opposed the repressive methods of the organization. The demonstrations: Anonymous demonstrated since February 2008 worldwide before the local Scientology centres. At least eleven monthly waves of demonstration took place in 2008. “The goals: setting the stress-test tables are the direct targets of anonymous against Scientology” as well as the obvious marking of this and similar actions, such as anti-drugs – campaigns, as Scientology actions. Scientology offers concealed among other drugs advice, management courses for Business enterprises, as well as tutoring services for young people on. The ultimate goal of anonymous is that the Scientology organization adjusts all activities. This can be achieved only by educating the population and support the judicial system.