Normally when we obtain something in our life is we appreciated because it, we are not going to buy a cat, a food, an electric home appliance if we thought that that we bought is not used for anything, that sounds illogical, to the equal it happens with the money, it is necessary to appreciate the special things that we can do with the money and that mental perspective will cause we bring that it with facility to our life. The subject of the accumulation of money has been one of controversiales throughout the history of the humanity and is that not to own it is an extremely disagreeable situation why? Simply because it is necessary to take a good quality of life, with money we bought all that to our needs and if we are not able to fulfill them we entered a state of desperation and until of disease, which totally destroys the self-esteem of the people. It is possible to be lived without money or with very little? Yes, but that implies to accept the mediocrity, is because you lost anyone of his members of intention, would continue living but that decision would be complete an absurd one, life must be abundant in all the areas: health, education, values, espiritualidad, prosperity, etc. Recently Economic Cycles Research Institute sought to clarify these questions. The secret of a good life is a balance in diverse areas of our life and without a doubt that the money helps in form very remarkable to obtain it. As the manifest Andrew Corentt in his book I Am Happy, I Am Rico is necessary to have a true esteem by the money, in this book you will learn the necessary techniques that they will allow him to demolish the internal barriers that you can have against the accumulation of money and that has not until now not allowed to take a full life him of material profits and another type, you deserve wealth is worth, it, you you have been born for the greatness only needs to remember it. .