Aliny Arruda

because not? Another day playing with a situation I said: ' ' any day, still we will witness a blind person talking with a deaf person, he said this for the fact of is learning LIBRAS*4 and then he came this thought that soon I mentioned for the actress Aliny Arruda who also was learning POUNDS. It spoke to me that I was cruel. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sage Intaact Advantage. I defended myself saying to be a possibility. For our surprise, in the following month, we were together again leaving the course of POUNDS and when arriving at the Club of the Trabalhador*5, what we witness? A couple between 65 and 70 years of age, one was blind partial (had lost 95% of the vision) and the other deaf age, and was talking. I admired the sufficient to fear my proper words. Clearly, that the theater for blind people would not have the same characteristic that had that inesquecvel dialogue, however, it would have the same magic of the imaginary world of them.

there if of the felt true o of the imaginary one, therefore, does not go to lack what to imagine of the color, the texture, the illumination, the space and as many things more. It is important not to exclude and yes to include all in this process of creativity, imagination, magician, fantastic and wonderful! To finish, we will speak of the imaginary one that it brings the theater of dolls, that when manipulated well, are capable to deceive even though the adults most expert and will change the term to be deceptive for enchanting, for astonishing and much more. It is what we can cite of ' ' Group Wagon of Mamulengos' ' of Juazeiro of the North-CE, that backwards in its presentation, tricks with recriados personages of the Brazilian folguedos or fruits of an imagination that if presents of light and surprising form.

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