It allows to re-examine the vision that gave rise to all the history. We can throw one more a more objective glance to all the actions, the intentions, the language, the advantages, the personages involved in history. And most peculiar of the case it is that we would never take this analysis to a so deep and sincere level if he were not " gracias" to the failure. It is not by work of the chance that Gentian is in the module to surpass the uncertainty. This because before the failure he is indispensable to orient to the mind towards the certainty instead of to allow that navegue him in the dangerous seas of the uncertainty. If it learns to orient to his mind, will find that it will bring precise and useful data to him for you. In we used the energy of Gentian before moments of failure of a way that allows to detect the hidden reasons after the failure facade and which truly they are the people in charge to prevent him to somebody to continue with its plans and objectives or for discovering its plans exactly and real objectives in contrast to which it says to have.

The failure experience can leave to the person in state of highly influenciable vulnerability and running the risk of making bad future decisions. For that reason, when resorting to the essences it is important to learn to hit them with the language. In this practice all the works of Aflorarte focus. The floral essences contain energy and thus also our thoughts contain energy. The success of the Aflorarte program is to have detected the words, the idiomatic turns, the language of the body that enter resonance with a determined power state. The language allows &quot us; movernos" in a same experience, to adopt different perspective. The language allows us also somehow to take from given rolls and beliefs.