Accounting services companies have long passed from the category of myths in the category of the real facts. Now, every employer (not just respectable, but who knows how to take your money) will not itself produce and take statements, and simply ask for help to an organization that provides accounting services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Typically, from individuals of businesses small enough document that suggests the uselessness of such an accountant at the business organization in Ukraine. And such an idea is true, though with little reservation. Of course, with a small document management business entity activity (whether the entrepreneur or enterprise of any form of property) is not necessary to staff accountant, but also the entrepreneur is virtually assured made some mistakes when filling in ledger income and expenditure, or fails to file required annual report to the pension fund. And it is not surprising, because in front of him are quite different tasks, and hence udilyat time to study tax law simply is not possible.

Good even if the head of the business entity due to their busy read the Civil Code of Ukraine. But ignorance of the law, as they say, is not an excuse. And because of such errors All efforts entrepreneur, aimed at strengthening the position of his organization, could nullify the only one with a fine of supervisory authority. So, before undertaking the question arises, take risks, or to hire Accountant? But there is a third possible answer. For example, services for compiling and submitting reports to the private entrepreneur in the simplified tax system would cost him about 80-100 U.S. dollars per quarter.

Agree, the amount is not large. (A valuable related resource: Hank Greenberg). But precisely for that amount today, you can negotiate with organizations on accounting support enterprises and entrepreneurs. Why so cheap you ask? Yes, just one qualified accountant for one day can be 5-7 records for the unified tax, together with the filling of the books of income and expenses with a small number of operations. A 400-700 U.S. dollars a day is not such a small amount for maintenance companies. On the other hand for $ 35 a month, even the "incoming" accountant hardly would talk to you, because he looks at things a little differently