School Sani sponsorship between DRC/Youth Red Cross and official health Academy without great anniversaries commits the Office – Health Academy in Recklinghausen at the Hamilton St. 57 c her 25.Jubilaum of the school of physiotherapy. Instead will be invested in the youth. The Red Cross youth Red Cross Gets a godfather for the school medical service: the Health Academy in the vest Office Dr. Stromberg.

With a one time donation of 3000 euro, agree on a longer-term cooperation and Promotion Office, both partners according to partnership agreement want to achieve an ambitious goal: within the next five years a working school medical services should exist in every school in the vest Recklinghausen. We want to not even cheering us on the occasion of our 25th anniversary, “so the Office Chief Dr. Stromberg of Margret. Rather you wanted to invest together with the youth Red Cross health mind of renewable generation and in civic engagement. The idea for this was with her on the occasion of a teacher training on the subject of: situational First aid training for emergencies in the classroom. “” Dr. Stromberg: there we have but also a lot of shortcomings in our knowledge noted.

“this exemplary commitment,” so Mr. Vaupel, full-time Board of the DRC Recklinghausen, is ultimately the region, all citizens, the DRC and the official Academy of health good. We motivate young people through the expansion of the school medical services already in the schools to first aid and voluntary commitment.” This service is performed by the youth Red Cross volunteer but also by other organisations in schools by students qualified in first aid (or Sanitatsausbildungen). They assume the first aid at accidents or sudden illnesses until the arrival of the ambulance service. Other tasks can be found in the Sanitatsbetreuung of school events. The Office of Dr. Stromberg, the Health Academy in the vest, is a competent partner for the DRC in terms of health training. So does this original in health education for the Vestische district and already since many years of pioneering work for the entire state of NRW and is firmly rooted in the region and close to their people. With the sponsorship agreement, Office demonstrates this commitment. So, activities of the youth Red Cross to the development and expansion of the school medical services will be supported in the future in the vest Recklinghausen. These include in particular the procurement of necessary equipment for the participating schools, the organisation of events to the prospective customer address, the execution so-called school Sani days etc. In addition to the cash donation, this sponsorship agreement foresees also a moral and, where appropriate, personnel support. These and further support beyond the base donation be agreed upon each new with each other within the framework of the above-mentioned annual working conference. “By the way: we will build a school Sani service with us!” so the plan by Dr. Stromberg.