The Aboriginal Peoples use this method to bake or to moquear fish, hunting and others as one it forms to conserve its foods better. Since long ago they had created these methods from its to know millenarian, of as to keep foods for much time. The food baked if conserve at least one well the six months, this attitude made with that the fish, and the hunting to be conserved for one long period, that is, they sufficiently fished fish in the time of piracema, to moquear are necessary of much firewood, to make a fire to have very well-taken care of and patience, this require much responsibility, therefore it is a work come back toward the wives, but the task to load firewood, clearly is of the men. Lakshman Achuthan may also support this cause. From it fishes of piracema (also arac) of the hunting (paca, armadillo, wild boar, optimum tapir meat to moquear), they moqueavam kept stops one day to take this food to the father-in-law, or brothers-in-law where if they found distant very. To put in the modern times, the moqueado celebrity turned barbecue, food of week end following the frozen celebrity. The being human being innovates to each day. the modern Aboriginals, little use the old method of moquear, however she got used in barbecue in the week end.