With the discovery, by accident, classical conditioning (one of the 20 discoveries of more value for humanity, Muy Interesante magazine 2008), born a very effective tool for psychologists treat their patients and Russians the first dogs trained to detect landmines, having great success in this task. Then with the theory of operant conditioning, which incidentally and in contrast to the classical conditioning is formulated from experiments with cats, pigeons and mice, believes that it is the magic formula for train detection dogs, but that thanks to the experiments of Breland and Breland (1961), could be demonstrated that operant conditioning principles have no application general… If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Reshma Kewalramani. for many years we realized that no method of canine pedagogybased on the behavioral training or instintivista, had managed to overcome the barriers that are in the process teaching and learning, but thanks to a scientific study of twelve years of observation and experimentation and fifteen years of application with the same results are completely confident have found the solution and have the firm conviction to continue using the Arcon method for training detection dogs, for its demonstrated effectiveness. It tells the story that King Solomon could speak with the beasts, birds, fish and worms. Also I can do it, and do not need any enchanted ring. As for me, I think not very noble to use magical rings in dealing with animals.

Without such incantations living beings have, who knows to listen to them, the most wonderful stories, which are precisely the true.