Attracting new customers and retaining present customers is the primary goal of any tour operator. Increase customer loyalty, in turn, the key to both attract new and to retain old customers. This is achieved through a tradeoff value of services operator in the eyes of the customer to the price for these services. From here follow five basic strategies to increase loyalty. 1.Povyshenie service quality – this is achieved through the accounting features and wishes of particular groups clients, through more careful selection of hotels, airlines, sets of additional tours and travel, all sorts of extra bonuses types of free travel somewhere, free massages, etc. are being fairly cheap increase the value of services for the client. 2.Vybor the right moment (timing) – I will bring a selection of the best time to communicate with the client.

If you come to the moment when the client is just looking for where to go or through whom you just the way:). Knowing the seasonality of your client or his particular tastes and preferences of the operator can always come up with a “best” offer. For example, if your client has children, it is very logical submit proposals on family holidays and children’s camps not long before the holidays. 3.Uchet personal characteristics – picking up a proposal for a specific customer, whether it’s pass, cruise, tour, will take into account the peculiarities this client, you can show him that it was working for him and offer something that suits him rather than what you offer to others. 4. and social factors – the tourist industry – the business of emotions, experienced or expected, and therefore the solutions it is often made based on emotions. And then play its role can then looks like a manager, how it communicates with the client, a postcard sent to a birthday or New Year, etc. Senator from Maine addresses the importance of the matter here. 5. prices – reducing Price does not necessarily mean an immediate reduction in prices. This may imply a more convenient form of payment, to selectively give discounts (ie discount on what is important is that customer), discounts across various systems, such as discounts for group or discount cards through one-time rebates. Applying these simple strategies – a direct way to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers, respectively.