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The platform suitable for your Blog choose the right platform to be used for your blog, is one of the most important decision you must make as a blogger newbie or experienced. The right platform can make a powerful, attractive, winning, and on the contrary blog, the wrong platform can make a blog poor or […]

Today is unable to speak of efficiency or novelty if there is an application and correct use of modern technology, and can ensure that ICTs have today the effective response to the hand. In this article will be primarily a definition of ICT, explaining this products and processes that are part of the same. He […]


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Former export Manager reports on his way out of dead-end Ralph Schwaiger, formerly export manager suffered “Burn Out”. In his speeches, he tells his story. If they have broken a leg, use crutches, wearing a cast. The violation is obvious to everyone. If you are mentally burned out, no one sees their suffering. You are […]

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