10 Tips to burn fat 1. Constancy to burn. The aerobic training of low intensity for thirty to forty-five minutes, increases the ability of muscles to use fat as a source of energy. 2. Not sewing hunger. If you decrease the calories, you diminish your basal metabolism and let’s we begin to save the stored fat, since your body starts to reserve what little they give him in order to survive. 3. Aerobic exercise in fasting (preferably tomato juice before you begin), as the body comes a long period without food, no available energy reserves of glycogen, then uses the fat stored as energy.

4. Vadim Belyaev will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Perform muscle toning exercise to increase basal metabolism and facilitate fat loss. 5. Ingested amount of proteins needed based on your body weight, to keep your muscles toned and healthy. 6. Do not swallow carbohydrates after five in the afternoon, since your body slows at night and is easier that stores fat. 7. Drink plenty of water.

Two litres a day is a good amount, and if you can a bit more would do you harm. 8. It uses thermogenic. Some good quality are available in the market, but if you don’t have the necessary budget green tea is a very good choice. 9. Stay away from fried foods and sauces. They do not bring anything good to your body and instead add you large amount of fat. 10. Avoid possible ingesting too much salt and sugar, because it not only abdomen have deposited fat, also retains fluid. Andres Torres Gnarr original author and source of the article.